A blender is an invaluable part of your kitchen arsenal. There are many things that you can do using a blender. The ease of usage and cleaning makes it a hassle-free equipment. A lot of people feel that having a separate blender isn’t required, but on the contrary, a blender can make your kitchen work really easy and also prove to be the ultimate powerhouse.

With the latest technology on your side, you can be assured that you would be better off with a blender with grinder than without. Here are six reasons that prove so:

  1. Preset Functions:

A proper blender has at least 12 preset functions that would allow you to make different beverages and food with just one touch. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about making batter for your dosa or crushing ice perfectly, making the fresh smoothies, juices, soup etc. All you need to do is select the given preset and the machine would take care of the rest.

The presets are specific to the type of juice and include options like smoothie, juice, soy milk, porridge, powder and ice cream. You don’t need to manually operate the machine as a preset is automatically set. Get the best blending with just one touch.

  1. Extremely Easy to Use:

The latest blenders come installed with a large LCD display. This LCD display can help you check the current selected menu and make the temperature of the selection in Celsius. If there is some sort of malfunction, the LCD display would show the exact warnings that are associated with that particular malfunction as well. Complete information of the preset is displayed on the LCD screen, which makes it easy for you to understand what all specifications are to be carried out by the preset as well. Just tap the one-touch buttons and your blender would begin the procedure.

  1. Protection from Overcurrent and Overheating:

If you are worried about fluctuating currents at your home, you needn’t be worried because these appliances can easily withstand any changes in current. They have safety procedures installed in them that prevents the appliance from overheating or keeps it safe from excessive current problems.

  1. High Speed and Power:

Unlike the hand blending techniques, having an electric blender means having the speed of at the most 30,000 rpm that allows for really fast blending and grinding of ingredients. This high speed and power allows the food to be blended much quickly and efficiently. The blenders also have special blades that are made of Japanese high-grade stainless steel. This allows for quick and easy blending and grinding of food items.

  1. Heating Function:

The latest blenders also come equipped with a unique function for heating. This heating function allows you to prepare any kind of hot beverage like soy milk, soup, tea etc. using the same container that you used for making cold beverages. This way, a complete blender allows you to have a powerful and complete blending product.

  1. Meets the Budget of a Middle-Class Family:

If you are worried about these blenders being expensive, you are sadly mistaken. Blenders, with all the above mentioned sophisticated features, can be bought for under Rs.15, 000. Therefore, any middle or upper middle class family can purchase a blender and grinder for their kitchen.

If all these features and cheap price would have tempted you to purchase a blender right now, then you should go to the nearest store to purchase one for your home or order it online.

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