Selecting the best technology partner is possibly the key to any IT strategy or initiative. There are lots of factors that weigh heavily within this decision, but maybe the most crucial factor is selecting someone that may provide all of the services you have to complete the work. A lot of companies try to save cash by breaking projects into components and locating the least expensive provider for every. Although this may appear like advisable in the onset, it can result in inconsistencies and can be an integration nightmare. For instance, if a person company designs the application and the other develops your documentation and training, the understanding and expertise acquired acquired through the first company within the development process now needs to be used in or re-learned through the second company.

This method usually means endless emails and make contact with calls to the topic experts and developers. This same issue can instruct itself in lots of other situations too. Let us say you farm out graphics try to the least expensive bidder and also you hire another firm to create your marketing collaterals. Inevitably, your marketing partner will require different versions of logos or greater resolutions to build up certain marketing products, etc. This makes you to definitely either spend time coordinating the efforts backward and forward, or waste your money getting they re-get the imagery based on the new specifications. As you can tell, this problem can display up almost anywhere, putting on just about any costume. This issue becomes a lot more apparent if you have a sizable project which will include development, documentation, training and marketing efforts.

Things to look for…

By looking for suppliers that offer multiple services that flatter one another, you might be able to save your and yourself organization money and time. These businesses can be a little harder to locate and might not be starting as low as others, but can help you save money over time. In searching for businesses that provide “bundled” services, attempt to group any project components logically. Graphics, media and marketing fit together perfectly, just like application and database development and design. By contracting “bundled services” it is simple to shave 100 or even more hrs off a task.

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