The world is not what it used to be anymore. Digital streaming platforms have come to take the place of cinemas for many people. A lot of people can now stay holed up in their personal spaces and prefer to Netflix rather than chill elsewhere.

When it comes to getting these people gifts, it might start to look like a daunting task. Wait a minute. Didn’t you just say they loved entertainment?

That’s just what we are going to work upon today. Rather than going all out and getting these people something they won’t appreciate, here are the top five entertainment gifts that they’ll love you for.

  • A Netflix subscription

You had this coming!

Whether or not your loved ones have started exploring the huge world of entertainment that Netflix provides, here is your chance to step in.

Purchase a Netflix subscription that lasts for as long as you can afford and send it to them. Don’t think of that as being an encouragement of a lazy, stay-in behavior. Rather, take it as a thoughtful gift idea that they will appreciate.

PS If your loved one lives in a country where Netflix is not available or is has some content restricted, you should add a VPN to the mix for them too. Ensure you choose a Netflix VPN that has been optimized for streaming so that they get the best experience too.

  • iTunes and Google Play Gift Cards

Rather than give them money to buy things, a gift card is a more thoughtful gift. Either of these options allows your loved one the opportunity to go into the store and purchase whatever form of entertainment they prefer the most.

Whether the gift card will cover the entire purchase or take care of a part of it, you will surely be remembered whenever they are having a good time with the purchase.

  • Spotify Subscription

Roses are red, violets are blue. When it comes to music, Spotify is cool.

Help your loved one unlock new music, more genres and access a wider library when you give them a Spotify subscription of their own. If you are gifting someone that lives in the same house with you, you could consider getting a family subscription and sharing them the plan so that you also get to enjoy some good music whenever you want to.

  • Niche subscriptions

We have already got Netflix covered. But, let’s face it, Netflix doesn’t have it all. At least, not yet. If your loved one is one who prefers other entertainment niches not on Netflix, try to find suitable platforms that offer those and get them subscribed. Some of such are:

  • Spuul – Gives them an unlimited access to a lot of Bollywood movie and music content
  • Sundance Now – the ideal pick for a loved one who loves documentaries to bits
  • Mubi – the platform that offers up to 30 handpicked, specially curated and always rotating list of movies
  • Broadway HD – the name says it all. All the Broadway shows you can want, and all of them in HD too
  • Crackle – earned itself the nickname ‘Netflix Lite’ from offering a wide collection of movies and shows.
  • DVDs

If you thought these didn’t exist anymore, think again.

They will be a very thoughtful gift item for those who live in areas of poor internet connection. Some people don’t just buy the idea of streaming devices too, even though they love their entertainment. In both cases, a DVD would come in to make the ideal present.

Wrap Up

Now that you have all of these ideas at your fingertips, what is your friend/ that member of your family who happens to be an entertainment junkie getting for Christmas?

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