Water is one of the most important resources to sustain life on earth. For a resource that is so essential, it’s surprising that there are many misconceptions surrounding it. Considering the importance of water, it definitely pays to debunk these fabled beliefs and get the facts right.

Myth 1: 8 Glasses of Water per Day Is Optimal for Health

Fact: This is the most cited rule, which is actually untrue. The optimal number of glasses per day for a person depends a lot on their attributes like height, weight, amount of physical activities they involve in, body temperature, the current state of health and wellness and many more. The specified amount of water may be too less for a few people, while it may be too much for others. There is no scientific evidence in favour of this claim and hence it is invalid.

Myth 2: Bottled Water Is Better Than Tap Water

Fact: Tap water is not only safer but also better than bottled water, provided you have installed the best RO water purifiers to purify the tap water. Bottled water is any day more dangerous because of several reasons such as plastic bottles leaching chemicals into the water and they are not environment-friendly. When you use the best RO water purifiers, you can be assured that it removes all the contaminants present in the tap water and dispenses 100% pure and safe drinking water. So, tap water purified by the best RO water purifiers is always better than bottled water.

Myth 3: Sports Drinks Provide More Energy than Water in Athletics

Fact: Although sports drinks have attractive advertising campaigns, it is only water that is required to keep up the body spirit while performing high-level athletics. A sports or vitamin drink may taste better because it has added flavours and preservatives, but it doesn’t add to the hydration level of the body in any way. Therefore, you must always rely on water for the supply of essential nutrients to the body.

Myth 4: Our Body Doesn’t Need as Much Water during Winter

Fact: During summer, you sweat a lot, which is a visible proof of dehydration and hence, you drink lots of water. However, when winter comes around, you don’t sweat as much. But, do you experience a loss of fluids in winters too? Yes, there is even more fluid loss because the air is comparatively drier. Just because you are not able to see it, you tend to believe that there is no need for water intake. Your body is in an active state continuously and it doesn’t stop or slow down on the basis of external environmental conditions.

Hope the above pointers help you debunk the most common misconceptions that you had believed in all through these years. Water plays a significant role in everyone’s lives and therefore it is necessary to learn the true aspects and stop believing in myths, which only takes you away from reality.

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